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To promote the success of our customers is to promote our success.


We have a team of qualified professionals, able to respond to the questions of our customers through a climate of confidence that encourages the development of new investment projects. We are available to provide all the information to meet the needs of those who come to us and find appropriate solutions.

The Económico Fundos de Investimento – Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Colectivo, S.A.

is a fund management company, incorporated under Angolan law and supervised by the Comissão do Mercado de Capitais

. It consists of a team of professionals whose main purpose is to manage the savings of its customers, aiming at their sustained growth . 63% of its share capital belong to Banco Económico, SA., one of the most credible banks of Angola. 35% of its share capital belong to GNB Gestão de Activos, S.G.P.S, SA.


A Real Estate Investment Fund is an autonomous asset resulting from the application of savings of individual or legal entities mostly real estate. It is an alternative financial product to traditional saving applications, taking advantage of these to be monitored and managed by specialized professionals. The participation of each customer is represented by shares (shareholder).



How and why to invest in investment funds?


Investment Management societies group together a large number of savings (thus constituting the Investment Funds) and carry large amounts of investments in real estate assets, usually implemented by large investors, thus allowing any client to access the returns inherent to such large investments.



What kind of funds will initially work?


We will start with the Closed Funds which are made up of fixed quotas established at the time of issue. These funds are for private or institutional investors seeking to diversify investment in low-risk products, with a potential return higher than traditional deposits. Closed end funds also define the date of its constitution, the value of the investment portfolio. The Global Fund's capital is divided into shares of a given nominal value, with a limited subscription for a given period of time.



What is the management policy of a Real Estate Investment Fund?


A Real Estate Investment Fund is primarily intended for the development of real estate projects, including the construction of buildings, purchase of finished properties or investment projects for subsequent sale or lease. The specific investment policy of each Fund is set out in its own Management Regulations. Thus, the Real Estate Applications must follow a set of principles and investment rules, namely the definition of the type of assets and the extent to which they may integrate the assets of the Fund.


The Management Regulations is always delivered to all customers at the time of accession (subscription) to the Fund.



How the shareholders control the investment policy of a particular Closed Real Estate Fund ?

The shareholders (fund investors) have access to monthly reports of all the activities of investment funds in which they participate. Whenever possible, General Meetings with the shareholders presence will take place.



Tel.: (+244) 222 693 600