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Banco Económico offers, since 2005, specialized Investment Banking services through its “Direcção de Banca de Investimento (DBI)”. DBI is a Banco Económico department with cross activity among commercial (Corporate, Top Corporate, Institutional and Private Banking clients) and product areas (Financial Markets, International) providing its clients a comprehensive and integrated range of financial services with increasing sophistication and assisting them on business development, in Angola and other geographies.
Following Banco Económico multi-product and multi-specialist strategy, DBI provides a diversified range of specialized services, namely, medium and long-term structured finance solutions for public and private entities, with emphasis on the most active Angolan sectors: financial, real estate, mining and manufacturing, building materials, energy, transport, distribution, beverages, tourism, agricultural and agri-business.
Along with this activity, DBI is also responsible for the Angola Invest, a Governmental Program, in partnership with the Angolan banks, to support the new domestic entrepreneurship (micro, small and medium enterprises or MSME) and promote the economic diversification throughout the country.
With the establishment of the Angolan Stock Exchange (BODIVA), Banco Económico, through DBI, intends to enlarge its range of services to capital market activities, either in the primary market (organization of initial public offers and listings on both debt and equity market segments) or the secondary market (securities brokerage on the stock exchange) Being BODIVA’ s negotiator and compensator. For this purpose, Banco Económico presented Comissão do Mercado de Capitais (CMC), with a request for registry as a Brokerage broker, having obtained their approval.

DBI relies on a highly qualified, motivated and skilled team. Beyond its local origination and transactions structuring capacities, GBI relies on its extensive network of international contacts, in particular on its relationship with Haitong Securities Co. Ltd. (former BESI), present in the main international financial centers (London, New York, São Paulo, Madrid, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, etc.), with the ability to access international investors interested in investing in Angola.
In terms of offer, we provide specialized services to our clients in the following areas:
      Lead arrangers for medium and long-term corporate loans, including its structuring and syndication, on both domestic and international markets.
      Organization and/or participation in syndicated loans for governmental and other public entities;
      Advisory on coordination, structuring and financing, new investment projects (Greenfields, brownfields, PPP, etc.) in a Project Finance form.
      Advisory on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) including:
o     Corporate evaluation and appraisal, negotiation and deals’ coordination;
o     Structuring the acquisition finance solution.
      Advisory on corporate’s strategic, operational and financial restructuring and definition of its optimal capital structure.
      Other financial services: advisory on the selection and implementation of local and international partnerships; support funding and investment programs applications, etc.
      Coordination and syndication of capital market operations, of:
o     Public and corporate debt (DCM) in domestic and international markets;
o     Equity & equity linked securities (ECM).
      Brokerage and Trading & Sales on BODIVA’s regulated market;
      Corporate research (companies and sectors).
Example of DBI performed Operations

Tel: ​222 693 629