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Banco Económico signs protocol with ENSA


O Banco Económico (BE) has just signed a protocol with Empresa Nacional de Seguros e Resseguros de Angola (ENSA), which will allow that Banco Economico’s clients who hold ENSA insurance policies can pay them through direct debit to their accounts. The protocol was signed on a formal ceremony, at ENSA’s headquarters in Luanda, with the presence of both Boards.

From now on, Banco Economico’s clients may use their account to pay ENSA’s insurances through direct debit. This way insurance payment becomes easier and more practical both for individuals and companies that hold a Banco Económico account.

This partnership with ENSA represents another step towards the bank’s commitment to be closer to its clients, to support them on all aspects of their relationship with the bank and on the different daily activities which include, directly or indirectly a financial transaction.

BE thinks if itself as a multi specialist, with a solid knowledge of the market and Angolan economy. The bank is differentiated through the concept of relational Banking, based a culture of proximity to its clients.


Banco Económico integrates Bolsa de Dívida e Valores de Angola

Banco Económico (BE) has just been admitted as a member of Bolsa de Dívida e Valores de Angola (BODIVA). The agreement was signed at April 7th and, from now on, Banco Económico is authorized to operate securities transactions, emitted by the Estate or Angolan companies, on their own or third parties behalf, namely its clients and other financial or banking institutions.

BODIVA is the regulated markets’ manager company, responsible for the implementation and management of a business platform which aloud transactions, in secondary markets, of treasury bonds, corporate bonds, shares, investment funds units and other securities.

The Banco Económico register as a BODIVA member allows adding one more bank institution to the authorized list of entities who transact Treasury Bonds (TB’s) and other fixed income securities, allowing another market operator to access the same information, with price and conditions’ total transparency.

Sanjay Bhasin, Chief Executive Officer of Banco Económico, comments: “The bank integration in BODIVA is an important step in our business strategy, because now we are able to transact public debt assets, in the financial and interbank markets. This is an opportunity to attract new investors to the regulated securities markets and to stimulate a more solid sustainable development of the economic activities”.



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