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    A credit card destined to those professionals which occupy management positions, serving as a cash management tool of your company. Expedite your business and perform secure transactions, simplifying processes and operations for gained efficiency.

    The cards are of growing strategic significance in a company's treasury, as they allow eliminating the complex and costly payroll management process of its employees, bringing the company added value to the level of administrative control and security.
    The CORPORATE SILVER card is designed for those companies seeking to respond with comfort and security to your financial needs.
    The CORPORATE SILVER card makes your company’s life easier, safer and simple.
    Taking into account that your CORPORATE SILVER card is a credit card, any transactions you make with it are debited from your credit account. The card enables you to carry out the following credit transactions in Angola and abroad.
    ​​​ Payment for products and services in all commercial establishments signed on to the VISA network;
     Cash on credit withdrawal (cash-advance) in ATM’s adherent to the Visa network (in the country’s currency).
    Monthly, on the card statement’s closing date, you will be provided with a statement for your card’s account showing all transactions made with the aggregates card, the total outstanding balance amount and reference to payment deadline.
    Amongst other information, each statement will show:
     The total card expenditure registered by Banco Económico in the period to which the statement refers to;
     Amount, date and venue of expenditure per operation (with indication of the amount in Kwanzas and its original currency of purchase);
     Service Commissions and other expenditures.
     Payments in shops adhering to the Visa Network in Angola and abroad;
     Cash on credit withdrawal (cash-advance) in ATM’s and branches adherent to the Visa network (in the country’s local currency), in Angola and abroad;
     Card Statement for control of the balance and card expenditure;
     Visa call centre 24H per day;
     Card information service;
     Emergency replacement of cards;
     Emergency cash payments.




    The advantages of a credit card of Banco Económico go far beyond the convenience, safety and meeting of your financial needs.
    Your Corporate Silver credit card insures you wherever you go.
    These insurances are only valid outside the country of residence and in cases where the ticket (ticket) is fully paid for with the card.
    Personal Accidents
    Accidental death.
    Medical coverage
    Medical expenses and evacuation.
    Travel inconvenience
    Loss of deposit cancellation or reduction;
    Baggage or personal items;
    Loss of Passport / documents.
    Baggage delay
    Travel delay (reimbursement of expenses)
    Legal cover
    *Subject to minimum and maximum limits
    For more information contact your manager or head out to one of Banco Económico’s branches.
    Adhesion proposal to the CORPORATE SILVER card (download here).


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