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    Through EconomicoNet you can access a wide number of features:
    Balance and transactions;
     Export to PDF, Excel and CSV;
     EconomicoNet transactions history EconomicoNet.
    National Transfers
     Internal transfers in national and foreign currency, single, in bunch or files;
     National transfers to other banks in national and foreign currency, single, in bunch or files.
    International Transfers
     Transfers to foreign banks single, in bunch or files.
    Scheduled Transfers
    • You can schedule future payments. The client gives the order and sets the dates in which the payments must be made.
    Foreign Exchange 
    • You can manage your company’s cash flow by selling  foreign currency to the bank in exchange for the correspondent credit of AOA in your bank account
    Manage Beneficiaries
    • Create beneficiaries for your transfers; 
    • Change data regarding the beneficiary;
    • Eliminate beneficiaries.
    EconomicoNet CORPORATE guarantees total security and confidentiality, using the most advanced technology and data protections; complemented with access key, coordinates cards and a SMS token (SMS code sent to the user’s mobile) for operations exceeding daily transactions.



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    • Monday to Friday, 08:00 - 18:00
    • (+244) 222 693 616
    • (+244) 222 693 600
    • (+244) 923 166 220

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