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    Application form
    To subscribe EconomicoNet you need to fill the Application Form. (Download​).
    On the Application form the company identifies  the user(s)  who can access the accounts as well as legal representative(s) who can  access the accounts. On the Application Form the company can set different access profiles for different users.

    After filling the application Form you wiil be giben a PIN and Card (Envelope Pin-mailer which contains the PIN and the Matrix Card which contains the subscription number and the matrix coordinates) which will guarantee access to the site.
    The delivery document must be signed by each user and sent back to the bank manager. After receiving this document the manager will activate the service.
    You can then access EconomicoNet through, insert the number on your card and the security pin on your pin mailer envelope.
    Matrix data – this is the additional data that will enable the transactions. For these operations 3 random coordinates from your card will be required.
    Access Profiles
    How does it work?
    Operations will only be authorized according to what has been set by the company with Banco Económico. EconomicoNet users will only have access to those operations that have been cleared for them. There are 3 levels of users:
    Authorizer – Has access to all available operations. Only users with this profile can authorize/sign operations with the bank.
    Operators – users with access to prepare operations regarding payments, these operations will be pending awaiting authorization. This profile, may or may not have access to. Este profile may or may not have access to balances and transactions information.
    Supervisor – Administrates the service, manages the users with the Operators Profile.
    The identification and authentication system for use and access to EconomicoNet was built to fully and transparently respect the rules regarding Companies.




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