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    Has a digital certificate that ensures the safe transmission of all information. Whenever you access check if the url starts with and visualize the security lock at the address bar.
    Validation with matrix and SMS Token
    To authorize operations Banco Económico demands a safe authentication to confirm the transactions which imply an asset change. At the time of the operation’s approval  3 random coordinates from you cards will be required. For operations above a certain amount set by the bank, a SMS Token will be sent to the mobile number authorized to authenticate the operation.
    SMS Token  
    It is an additional safety mechanism to confirm operations;
     SMS Token is a code sent by SMS to your phone, and it is required for some operations;
     This mechanism complements the current authentication and confirmation processes.
    • Phishing is a type of fraudulent action which uses false emails that appear to be generated by your bank but that are sent by strangers with the purpose of stealing personal information;
    • These emails usually ask the receiver to use a hyperlink to a web page, where the person is led to confirm personal information, such as the access code to the internet baking service;
    • Although these pages may appear legitimate and are similar to your bank’s pages, they are a fraud with the sole purpose of obtaining the client’s bank data;
    •​ For your own safety never give your access data or matrix card data via email.
    Banco Económico will never ask you for information via email.


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    • Monday to Friday, 08:00 - 18:00
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