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EconomicoNet has a digital certificate that ensures the safe transmission of all information.
Are Internet transactions really safe?
Yes, EconomicoNet technology guaranties the safety of bank transactions over the internet.
What are the risks?
Breach of security on behalf of the Internet Banking users, such as:
 Share your personal data like password, security key, etc;
 Access EconomicoNet  on computers with no virus protection, or out dated protections, you can be targeted by malware (software which spies the information n your computer);
 The use of public computers to access EconomicoNet , may rise security issues (evil software).
How to protect your computer and personal data
How to protect your personal data and password?
Never share your personal data: subscription number or password.
Banco Económico will never ask you for information via email or phone.
Is it normal to receive e-mails or phone calls from Banco Económico regarding the computer’s security?
Banco Económico will never email or phone its clients with questions regarding the security of your  computer equipment. If you are contacted do not reply e do not do what is asked of  you, or open any link sent by email, and contact the bank immediately.
Phishing is a type of fraudulent action which uses false emails that appear to be generated by your bank but that are sent by strangers with the purpose of stealing personal information.
These e-mails usually ask the receiver to use a hyperlink to a web page, where the person is led to confirm personal information, such as the access code to the internet banking service.
Although these pages may appear legitimate and are similar to your bank’s pages, they are a fraud with the sole purpose of obtaining the client’s bank data.
For your own safety never give your access data via email.
What is the safest way to use internet banking?
Always use a personal computer with reliable and up to date anti virus. Never ask or accept updates via email.
How does EconomicoNet defend its clients?
EconomicoNet uses several defense mechanisms. To access the service you need to have the subscription number and a password given by EconomicoNet Additionally, to make any transactions you need also a confirmation key. These 3 elements together allow a high degree of security.
What it the confirmation key for?
The confirmation key will ensure that your transactions are safe. When you make a transaction, like a bank transfer, you will be required to enter the password Banco Económico will never ask for the PIN or confirmation key.
After subscribing to EconomicoNet, can I use the Internet Banking abroad?
Yes, you can use EconomicoNet anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.
What should I do if I suspect fraud?
Immediately contact EconomicoNet, available 24/7,  on this number +244 222 69 36 36 .
There are unknown operations in my account, what should I do?
Immediately call  EconomicoDirecto +244 222 693 610  ​




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