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EconomicoNet CORPORATE is an internet banking service designed to meet all the needs of companies and institutions.

The service contains a strong transactional component, which enables every type of national and international payment and issues the information necessary to the effective management of both company cash flow and reconciling the accounts.

The service was developed with technology enabling its access and utilisation across different devices (e.g.: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones) and accessible at any time and in any place.


Keep a Banco Económico branch with you at all times

In EconomicoNet CORPORATE, you can access a wide range of functions:



  • Consult your assets
  • Account balances



  • Account balance
  • Account movements
  • Check your NBA / IBAN numbers
National Operations


  • Occasional transfers
  • Batch transfers 
  • Transfers by file
  • Consult your response files


Standing Orders

  • Regular standing orders
  • Consult your standing orders


Scheduled Operations 

  • Consult the operations scheduled
  • Consult your standing orders



  • Consult your cheques 
  • Consult your cheque book
  • Request cheque books



  • Payment of taxes
  • Payment of services
  • Payment of special services
  • Telecommunications top-ups


Debit Authorisations  

  • Consult authorisations 


Debit Authorisations Granted

  • Consult authorisations
  • Consult commissions  


International Operations


  • Occasional transfers
  • Batch transfers 
  • Transfers by file
  • Consult your response files



  • Foreign currency sales

Term Deposits

  • Consult term deposits
  • Add to term deposits
  • Subscribe to term deposits


  • Consult loans  


  • Limits 
  • Consult record of operations 
  • Configuration of accounts
  • Managing beneficiaries



  • Altering your password 
  • Cancelling your matrix card 
  • Cancelling your sms token

Membership Contract

To become an EconomicoNet member, you first need to fill in the Membership Contract (download here).

In the Membership Contract, the company identifies the user(s) who may access the account alongside the legal representative(s) with the power to make account transactions. The Membership Contract also enables the company to define different account access profiles for different users.

After filling in the EconomicoNet Membership Contract, you then receive a PIN Delivery Guide and a Membership Card (Pin mailer envelope containing the PIN and the Matrix Card that details the respective Membership Number and the Matrix numbers) that guarantee your access to the website.

The delivery guide is signed by each user and then returned to the account manager. After receiving the protocol, this manager is then able to activate the service.

Following activation, you may access EconomicoNet through the website www.bancoeconomico.ao by introducing your membership number listed on the Matrix Card and keying in the security code that appears on your Pin mailer envelope. 

Matrix Data – this is an additional level of security that results in authorisation to carry out transactions. In order to sign off these operations, you will be requested to provide three random coordinates from your Matrix Card.


Access profiles

How do they work?

The submission and authorisation of operations respects the conditions for making movements that the company contractually agreed with Banco Económico. EconomicoNet users only have permission to make movements in accounts for which they are duly authorised. There are three user types:


Has access to every service function available. Only users with this profile may authorise/sign operations with the Bank;


Users with access for preparing payment operations, then left pending for the respective authorisation. This profile may or may not have access to consulting accounts;


Administers the service and manages the users with operator profiles;

The identification and authentication system for accessing and using EconomicoNet was designed and built so as to fully and transparently respect the rules and norms for corporate entities.


Pay your taxes online

Pay your taxes via EconomicoNet for the maximum speed, simplicity, ease and security.

Banco Económico, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy (MINFIN), provides a taxation payment service through the EconomicoNet Internet banking platform.

You’re just a “click” away from electronically paying your DLI – Taxation Settlement Document – and providing you with a record of these operations that, in turn, enables an easy way of documenting and accounting for your tax payments. 

Advantages for your company

Opportunity for taxpayers to use a single DLI to pay any quantity of taxes selected from the MINFIN website.

Comply with your fiscal obligations from your office, home or wherever you are at whatever the time.

Swift and safe access to the MINFIN tax and the EconomicoNet websites.


Functional process:

  • Register with the MINFIN website
  • Make your DLI issue request on the MINFIN website
  • Indicate the taxes due for paying and print out your DLI (see the list of taxes available here)
  • Access EconomicoNet and select “National Operations" from the menu before clicking on the “Pay Taxes” option and make your DLI payment
  • Access the MINFIN website and print out resulting DLI-DAR receipt


How do I log into the MINFIN tax website?
  1. If you are not yet registered with the MINFIN website, you should send an email to portaldocontribuinte@minfin.gv.ao requesting your registration as a private client on the Tax Payer Website System and indicate which companies you wish to see associated with your access. 
  2. On receipt of your username and password, carry out your login via: https://www6.minfin.gv.ao. (User Manual).



EconomicoNet holds a digital certificate that guarantees your security in transmitting information. Whenever accessing the website, always verify that the address begins with https://netcorporate.bancoeconomico.ao/corporate/ and check the security padlock icon on the address bar.

Signing in with the matrix and SMS Token

In order to carry out operations, Banco Económico requires secure authentication in order to confirm transactions that involve exchanges of financial sums. In order to approve the transactions, three random coordinates will be requested from your matrix cards. For transactions for amounts above certain levels stipulated by the bank, an SMS Token will also be sent to the mobile phone authorised in order to authenticate the respective transaction. 

SMS Token

  • This is an additional security mechanism for confirming operations
  • The SMS Token consists of a code sent by SMS to the mobile phone and requested in the course of carrying out certain operations
  • This mechanism complements the current processes for authentication and confirmation of operations


  • Phishing is one type of fraudulent action that makes recourse to false emails that appear to have been sent by your bank but really arrive from third parties with the objective of stealing your personal data
  • Generally, these emails attempt to get the recipient to click on a hyperlink to some webpage that then requests the introduction or confirmation of personal information, such as your Internet Banking service access code, for example
  • Despite these pages having a legitimate appearance and resembling the pages of your bank, they are fraudulent and designed to appropriate client personal banking data
  • To ensure your security, never supply your service access or Matrix Card data via any electronic platform or email

Banco Económico never requests information via email.


What is EconomicoNet?

This is an Internet banking service for companies and institutions made available by Banco Económico to its clients to ensure they can safely and autonomously complete a vast number of operations and check their accounts without ever having to visit their branch.


How do I sign up to EconomicoNet?

Speak with your account manager or fill in (download here​) the EconomicoNet Membership contract form.

After completing and delivering the form to your manager, you will receive a Membership Card and an envelope containing your PIN details.

Should you encounter any difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact us via our EconomicoNet helpline (+244) 222 693 636.


What do I need the Membership Number and envelope PIN for?

Membership Number – The number attributed by Banco Económico that, in conjunction with the Pin number, authenticates each EconomicoNet user.

Pin – This security code is the authentication component that, in conjunction with your membership number, provides access to the website. You will always be requested for authentication on accessing the website and filled in using a "virtual keyboard" that appears on the screen.

Is EconomicoNet exclusive to Banco Económico Clients? 

Yes, the EconomicoNet Service is exclusive to Banco Económico Clientes. In order to gain access to EconomicoNet, simply open an account and request membership of the service.


What documents are necessary for EconomicoNet membership?

Company Documents:

  • Certificate of company registration detailing the respective powers of attorney
  • ID cards of the respective company representatives
    • Company taxation number
    • Commercial License

User Documents:

  • ID cards;
  • Taxation numbers.

How can I access EconomicoNet?

For your security, always access EconomicoNet via the www.bancoeconomico.ao website

Can I access EconomicoNet from different computers?

You may gain access via any device, whether computer, tablet or smartphone, that provides access to the Internet.


Following membership of EconomicoNet, can I use the Internet Banking service when abroad?

Yes, you may use EconomicoNet from anywhere in the world.


What do I need the Matrix Card for?

This serves to guarantee the security of your transactions on the Internet. Whenever you carry out an operation that involves movements to accounts, such as transfers, you are requested for just three of the matrix card numbers.


When do I input Matrix data?

Depending on the case, EconomicoNet provides you with indications of just which Matrix Card numbers you should use to confirm a particular transaction.


Why do some operations not require Matrix Card data?

As some operations do not imply sums leaving accounts that you hold or they are for very small amounts.

Authorisation by SMS

What is an SMS Token?

This is a text message, received on your mobile phone with details of the transaction and an additional security code in order to confirm the operation.

In the case of loss or theft of your mobile phone, please immediately inform Banco Económico so as to advance with the cancellation of the service and provide your new number to your account manager.


What do I need to do with the SMS Token?

In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the SMS Token, each user receives a different code which is both personal and non-transferable that serves only for the purpose of authenticating a particular EconomicoNet transaction. Banco Económico never requests this SMS Token code by telephone or by email. When receiving an SMS message from EconomicoNet, never provide the code to third parties.


What do I do if I receive an SMS Token for a non-completed transaction?

Immediately contact the Bank through the EconomicoNet Support Line, available around the clock and every day of the week at (+244) 222 693 636.


Are transactions carried out over the Internet really safe?

Yes, EconomicoNet incorporates technology with the specific objective of guaranteeing the security of your banking operations on the Internet.

What are the main risks existing?

  • Breakdowns in security by Internet Banking users, for example letting third parties gain access to their passwords
  • Accessing EconomicoNet via computers without any active antivirus software or with such software out of date, which opens users up to malware attacks (by software that spies on any information keyed into the computer)
  • Using public computers to access EconomicoNet may jeopardise certain security issues (malicious software)


How do I protect my personal and banking data and passwords?

Never provide your personal details to third parties, especially your membership number, your password or information contained on your matrix card.

Banco Económico never asks for this information whether by email or by telephone.


Is it normal to receive emails or telephone calls from Banco Económico making reference to computer security?

Banco Económico never makes either telephone calls or sends emails to its clients asking questions about the security of their IT equipment and devices. If you are ever contacted in this way, do not respond and never click on any hyperlink sent to you by email.



Phishing is a particular type of fraudulent action that makes recourse to false emails that appear to have been sent by the bank but that really originate from third parties with the objective of stealing your personal details.

Generally these emails request recipients to click on a hyperlink that leads to a webpage asking them to either introduce or confirm their personal information such as their Internet Banking service access code, for example.

Despite these pages taking on a legitimate appearance and resembling the bank’s pages, they are nevertheless fraudulent and seek to appropriate client banking data.

For your own security, never provide service access or Matrix Card data via email or telephone.


What is the safest means of using the Internet Banking service?

Always use your personal computer with a reliable antivirus program, recognised by the market and updated. Never accept requests for update or authentication via email.



Is there any helpline in case of any doubts or issues?

Banco Económico runs a 24/hour, 7 days a week support helpline entitled EconomicoNet available at (+244) 222 693 636, with specialist managers deployed to efficiency answer your needs.

There are movements I do not recognise in my account. What should I do?

Immediately call the EconomicoNet Helpline at (+244) 222 693 636.

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