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Económico Fundos de Investimento - Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Colectivo, S.A. is a fund management company, established under the terms of Angolan law and supervised by its Stock and Securities Market Commission. The company deploys a specialist team of professional with the core objective of managing the savings of clients, bringing about sustained growth in their investments. 63% of its share capital belongs to Banco Económico, S.A., one of the most credible banking entities in Angola and with the remaining 35% held by GNB – Gestão de Activos, S.G.P.S, SA.

A Real Estate Investment Fund is an autonomous asset that results from the application of savings of individual or collective entities primarily in real estate assets. This is an alternative financial product to traditional savings applications with the advantage of its supervision and management by specialist professionals. The holding of each client is settled in quotas (quota holders).​​​​


About investment funds


How and why invest in Investments Funds?

Fund management companies, through grouping together a large amount of savings (thus constituting Investment Funds), are able to invest large amounts in real estate assets, normally backed by major investors, thereby enabling any client to gain access to the profitability inherent to these large scale investments.

What type of funds shall we work with at the beginning?

We begin with Closed Funds that are made up of a fixed number of quotas at the time of their launch. These funds are designed for private or institutional investors that wish to diversify their investments in low risk products with potential profitability greater than the traditional term deposits. Closed Funds also define, at the time of their constitution, the value of the investment portfolio. The global capital of the fund is divided up into quotas with a given nominal value with the subscription limited to a specific period of time.

What is the management policy of a Real Estate Investment Fund?

A Real Estate Investment Fund is structured fundamentally to engage in real estate property developments, in particular the building of properties, the acquisition of already built properties or investment in development projects for their subsequent sale or rental. The specific investment policy of each fund contains its own respective Management Regulations. Correspondingly, Property Investments should follow a set of investment principles and rules, especially regarding the definition of types of assets and the proportion which these may contribute towards the respective fund portfolio.

The Management Regulations are always delivered to all clients at the time of their acquisition (subscription) of fund quotas.

Do the quota holders determine the investment policy of a specific Closed Real Estate Fund?

The quota holders (fund investors) access the monthly reports on all the investment funds which they are holding. Whenever possible, general assemblies take place in the presence of quota holders.



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