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Since 2005, Banco Económico has provided a range of specialist Investment Banking services through DBI – Department of Investment Banking. DBI is a central department and product that engages in transversal activities in support of the Bank’s commercial areas (Commercial Network Department, Companies, Top Corporate and Oil, Institutional Clients and Private Banking), other product areas (Department of Markets and International Operations, Leasing Department) and of the Bank’s Board and Executive Commission.

The core DBI objective is to provide Bank Clients with a global and integrated range of quality financial services, rising in both their demands and sophistication, designed in support of the development of your projects and businesses, both in Angola and in other geographies. In this way, Clients find a financial partner in Banco Económico, able to ensure and cover their needs not only for the ongoing management of their businesses but also for their growth, modernisation and internationalisation.

Within the multi-product and multi-specialist framework of the Banco Económico strategy, DBI provides a diversified range of financial services, specifically organising medium and long term structured financing for large public and private companies and corporations, with particular focuses on the sectors of financial services, the extractive and transformative industries as well as the agriculture and agro-food, fishing, property and construction materials, energy, transport, distribution, food and beverage sectors.
Within the scope of boosting Angolan entrepreneurship and efforts to bring about national economic diversification, DBI is also responsible for the analysis, structuring, financing and supervision of small and medium sized company investment projects taking place under the auspices of the Angola Invest Program.

Following the opening of BODIVA – the Stock and Debt Market of Angola, the Bank, through its DBI department, expanded its service range to include capital market activities, both in the primary market (organising public and private share listings, fixed and variable income products and their acceptance for listing), and the secondary market (intermediation in traded assets in organised markets). To this end, Banco Económico is registered with the CMC – the Capital Markets Commission, as an intermediation agent and is accredited by BODIVA as a Trading and Settling Member for stock market operations.

In order to attain these objectives, DBI counts on a dedicated and extremely professional team, displaying both high levels of qualification and deep knowledge about the business. In addition to their capacities for issuing mandates and transactions in the domestic market, DBI draws upon an extensive network of international contacts spanning the key international financial centres (London, New York, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Hong Kong, Shanghai, among others), enabling access to a set of international investors with the potential and the objective of investing in Angola.



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