Pass the year with distinction for managing your teaching establishment

Through a protocol signed with ANEP – the National Association of Private Education, Banco Económico develops an integrated range of advantages focused on the nature of your business and across all levels and taught content. End with delays in the payments of fees and salaries, difficulties in reconciling the payments received, access to financing for the modernisation of transportation and equipment and improve the safety of your students and staff.

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Collection solutions: TPA, accounts debits and Easy Income
  • Exclusive advantages for employees: solutions for retaining key members of staff, with exclusive discounts, salary advances and access to credit loan discounts
  • Access to financing for school transport and administrative vehicles, generators and other school equipment through our Leasing product
  • Coverage against all types of risks inherent to the sector: student personal accident,  workplace accident, property multi-risks, Auto fleet, group health and life insurance policies
  • Online application of liquidity surpluses
  • Access to your account 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, via Economico Net
  • Accumulate up to USD 4,600 in annual discounts
  • Holding sessions on financial literacy at your teaching establishment


To discover more about the integrated advantages of this proposal for all teaching establishments, please send us an email at or visit your nearest Banco Económico branch.

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