We monitor your business holdings in any market worldwide 

Accompanying the markets

It is on the trading floor that Banco Económico undertakes its real time accompanying of the national market and the key international markets. We have specialist teams closely following:

  • The news and reports that shape the behaviours of financial markets
  • The macroeconomic data of Angola and its most important international markets
  • Decisions by the BCA – the Central Bank of Angola and leading international central banks
  • The levels of interest rates, exchanges and the bond market prices in national and international markets
  • The price of raw materials

Banco Económico intervenes daily in the national and international money, exchange and capital markets in order to ensure the management of its liquidity, risk management and to make investments.


Client Services

On the trading floor, we also run a team dedicated to accompanying bank clients with specialist and tailored services. We correspondingly provide our clients:

  1. Economic and Market Information

Banco Económico provides access to national and international macroeconomic and financial market information to its clients through weekly news bulletins. For clients requiring more personalised accompanying, we provide direct and priority contact with the Trading Room. 

  1. Treasury Management Solutions

For companies needing to ensure the daily management of their treasury, Banco Económico provides financing services and applications for liquidity surpluses settled on the same day through direct access to the Trading Room.

  1. Risk Management Solutions

Banco Económico provides coverage solutions for risks whether associated with exchange rate volatility, changes in interest rates and raw material prices.

  1. Investment Solutions

Banco Económico may also assist you in selecting alternatives for your investments, seeking out those solutions and products most closely aligned with your objectives. The bank deploys a team of specialists to structure operations in accordance with your needs.

For further information on our services, please contact your manager or go to the EconomicoDirecto and EconomicoNet Corporate channels.


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