Banco Económico helps simplify the management of your company

Reduces the administrative burden with paying salaries and suppliers by making batch transfers.

The batch transfer service enables transfers to take place to multiple recipients simultaneously through debiting the account of your company and with the scope for scheduling future transfer dates;

The payment instructions are made through sending a PS2 type file. This file is provided by an application distributed by the bank for free, which may be physically delivered to branches or more conveniently via EconomicoNet, the internet banking platform of Banco Económico.

  • In order to access a lower value price table and complete your company transfers without leaving the office, opt to submit your transfer instructions via EconomicoNet
  • Whenever the supplier provides various accounts for payment, always choose the Banco Económico account. The price is cheaper and the transfer immediate
  • You may opt to schedule your transfers and, whenever necessary, request urgent transfers, carried out on that same day when requested before noon on any working day


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