Protect your assets against undesirable situations

The Retention with Exchange Rate Protection provides the means of protecting your capital against variations in the Kwanza exchange rate against the USD through indexing your capital to the American currency (exchange rate coverage). This product enables companies and private individuals to partially protect their assets as regards international transfer orders and thereby minimising the impacts exchange rate variations might have on the final cost of the expenditure in the national currency on the actual date of transfer.

For further information about the durations, interest rates and investment amounts, please consult your account manager.




Payments of interest

Postponed interest, calculated on the initial capital according to the Current /365 calculation.

The deposit rate of remuneration contains a variable interest rate component that corresponds to the Akz exchange rate variation against the USD over the term of the deposit, in addition to a fixed rate.

The variable interest rate contains a maximum limit defined for each period.

The interest is calculated by the following formula:

Interest = Capital *Time*Rate/365 days.

Payments of interest

Interest accredited to client current accounts

There is no capitalisation of interest


Additional deposits are not permitted.


Not permitted.

New applications are entirely dependent on the bank’s decision to retain this product that relates directly to the market conditions then prevailing.

Subscription Commission


Redemption Commission



Security: safeguarding your capital against variations in the national currency;

Profitability; the effective interest rate may prove greater than traditional term deposits


The interest received is subject to the IAC tax – at the rate of 10% - calculated and debited from client current accounts on payment of the interest

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