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IS EconomicoNet SAFE?

EconomicoNet incorporates technology purpose designed to guarantee the security of all banking operations carried out over the Internet.

The problems that normally occur stem from failures in security committed by Internet Banking users, especially when:

  • Providing third parties with their personal information, especially their password, matrix coordinates and other personal information;
  • Using computers without antivirus software or with outdated software susceptible to attack by malware (software that spies on the information keyed into your computer);
  • Using public computers.

Whenever accessing Internet Banking services, the recommendation is to always use personal computers with updated antivirus software as public computers may not have such software installed, be already outdated or contaminated by malware that records your personal data.

EconomicoNet Access Confidentiality

EconomicoNet deploys various protection mechanisms. Accessing the service requires a membership number and a password that only the client accesses. Additionally, and in order to make any transaction, there is the need for verification by the coordinate matrix and your personal phone. The application of these four steps enables a very high level of security. 

Matriz Card

This serves to guarantee the security of your transactions on the Internet. Whenever undertaking an operation that involves changes to your bank balance, such as a transfer, for example, you are requested three and only three numbers from the matrix card.

SMS Token

This is a text message received on your mobile phone with details of the transaction and an additional security code which provides confirmation of the operation. The SMS Token is sent to the telephone number provided on signing up. In case of loss or robbery of your mobile phone, immediately inform Banco Económico and provide a new number to your account manager.

Banco Económico never requests an SMS Token code by telephone or email. When receiving an SMS message from EconomicoNet, never provide the code to third parties. 


  • Phishing is a particular type of fraudulent action that makes recourse to false emails that appear to have been sent to you by the bank but are actually sent by third parties with the objective of stealing your personal data;
  • Generally, these emails ask the recipient to click on some hyperlink to a website that then requests the introduction or confirmation of personal information, such as your Internet Banking access code, for example;
  • Despite these pages having a legitimate appearance and resembling the bank’s own pages, they are fraudulent and seek to appropriate the banking data of clients;
  • For your own security, never provide your service access or Matriz Card details via email;
  • Banco Económico never requests information via email.

What to do whenever suspecting fraud

Immediately get in touch with the EconomicoDirecto Support Helpline available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at +244 222 693 610 / 923 166 266.



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