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Users of information disseminated by Banco Económico in conferences/press releases, presentations and the bank’s website pages accept the following terms and conditions, which are independent and do not infringe on the terms and conditions for the products and services made available by Banco Económico:

  1. Users are those who, via any format, access information provided by Banco Económico, considering that such persons became aware of, read, understood and accepted the current terms of utilisation as if these were made available when accessing that aforementioned information.
  2. The information related with Banco Económico activities, as well as their products and services, is generic and merely informative in nature and hence effective and complete knowledge may only occur, in keeping with the subject matter, in conjunction with the commercial structures or the Communications Department of Banco Económico. Should any discrepancy occur, the written information and the documentation provided by the commercial structures or the Communications Department prevails, which also falls within the scope of the present terms and conditions of usage.
  3. The content released is merely informative, never constituting any request or contractual proposal, especially for the sale, purchase or subscription, or any investment advice or recommendation. The analyses, estimates, projections, probabilities, opinions, comments should not be perceived as replacements for the reflection and decisions that users should undertake in full awareness. In particular, users are fully aware that investments in capital markets carry risks.
  4. Consulting the information released by Banco Económico neither substitutes nor dispenses with the consultation of the documents available via the respective commercial channels or distribution or the consultation of the documents made available to the public under the terms of the law, especially prospectuses or regulations. Prior to contracting any operation or service, Banco Económico suggests that clients or investors duly inform themselves as to the respective terms and conditions and take advice from appropriately qualified and experienced professionals.
  5. The estimates, projections and probabilities are associated with risk and uncertainties and are subject to a diverse range of unforeseeable factors, such as the national and international economic conjuncture, policies (for example, economic or fiscal) adopted or announced, regulations, activities of competitors, interest rates, etc... . This considers the information referring to future results, operations, business plans, strategies, financial and management expectations as mere estimates and projections whenever not explicitly historically referenced. The profitability returned by past results in no way guarantees or ensures future results.
  6. Banco Económico shall strive to maintain information about its activities fully updated. However, Banco Económico reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate any information released or to block its release to users without any need to comply with any duty of communication or notification, whether prior or subsequent, of users. Banco Económico is not responsible for any errors in transmission or technical shortcomings referring to the information released through telecommunications networks.

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