Banco Económico, S.A. applies cookies on its website in order to guarantee users the best performance and experience on the Internet thereby enabling swifter and more effective operations and facilitating responses to the information submitted within an appropriate timeframe.

Definition of cookies

These are small text files applied by websites that aid in the storage and collection of information on users, recognising their respective devices (mobile phone, computer or tablet) and used every time that these access their Internet browser with relevance to determining the website’s utility and functional efficiency.

The cookies applied by Banco Económico, S.A. store only generic information about their users and retain only information related to their respective preferences. They do not extract personal identification details nor do they follow users after they terminate their access to the website.

Banco Economico, S.A. applies the following cookies:

  • Essential cookies – applied in order to access specific areas of websites and guarantee the appropriate functioning of all of the respective applications.
  • Functional cookies – serve to retain information about users enabling the latter to experience personalised access without the need to have to recall their navigation preferences whenever visiting the website. They may be deleted by users at any moment.
  • Session cookies – are used on a temporary basis with the cookies remaining on the Internet only until leaving the website. They serve to store information in order to identify problems and provide a better user experience.
  • Analytical cookies – used to analyse the ways in which users engage with our website. They serve only for statistical purposes and to enable analysis of the navigation data in order to carry out improvements. They also evaluate the performance of advertising campaigns running on the website to thereby guarantee an excellent quality of experience for website users.

Managing and Blocking Cookies

Whenever necessary, through their Internet browsers, users may decide on the reception and management of cookies in any of their devices and block their access even while it is important to highlight that such restrictions may impact on the results of searches made in some areas of the Banco Economico, S.A. website.

The Cookies Policy in effect complements the position taken on personal data, stipulated in the terms and conditions of the Banco Económico, S.A. website. In providing personal data, holders thereby agree to accepting the conditions set out in the present Cookies Policy and hence, in providing their personal data, users are authorising their storage, usage and dissemination in accordance with the applicable data collection rules established for this instrument.

Banco Económico, S.A. retains the right at any moment to advance with modifications or adjustments to the Cookies Policy in effect on this website, necessary in case of updated information on these cookies. These alterations then take immediate effect.

In order to manage the usage of cookies in their Internet browsers, users should proceed as follows:

Google Chrome

  • Go to the Settings;
  • Select the option Show Advanced Settings;
  • In the Privacy option, select Content Settings.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to the Tools option;
  • Select the option Preferences;
  • At the top, select the Privacy icon.


Internet Explorer

  • Go to the Tools option;
  • Select Internet Options;
  • Select the Privacy separator.

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