Pressed with the bills of the month?

Take a deep breath as it is time to think about getting out of this choke. Join Bué Salário Account and enjoy solutions that make it easy to manage your financial concerns.


Remunerated Current Account

No minimum opening amount

Maintenance Commission Exempt Account

Daily balance paid up to 2%*

Dedicated Manager

Salary advance

Advance of up to 100% of domiciled salary at a rate of 22% **

(advance and rate varying according to employment relationship)

Savings Deposit Salary

Minimum constitution amount: AOA 2 500

Term: 24 months

Rising interest rate: 7% in 1st year and 10% in 2nd year

Interest payment: monthly

Minimum required monthly reinforcements: AOA 500

Allows redemption

Credit card

Credit card access with the possibility of making occasional reinforcements upon availability of Banco Económico foreign currency.

Personal credit

Special credit terms with financing of up to 4 salaries, at an interest rate of 18.5%* for a period of 24 months.


5% discount on Auto Insurance contracting

 First-Year Life-Salary Insurance Offer:

  • Covered capital of AOA 100 000
  • Death Cover - Annual premium of AOA 1 750

Do not Wait Any Longer for Your Pay Rise!

If your salary does not increase and the end of the month seems to never come, switch to the Bué Salário Account now.


Técnichal Details 

 * TANB (Gross Annual Nominal Rate)

 ** TAN (Annual Nominal Rate)



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