We guarantee a very broad range of options for managing and ensuring returns from your investments

We are specialists in investment and specialists in you.

Private Banking entails the specialist management of your financial assets through the adoption of careful criteria for investment models and providing the most complete information so as to maximise the value of your assets over the short, medium and long terms.

The specialist Banco Económico Private Banking asset management team undertakes full analysis of the financial profile of each client, their professional and personal contexts, the life plans they hold as well as the objectives they seek to attain.

Based upon this evaluation, an investment strategy is then presented and tailored to the investor’s respective risk profile and duly taking into account the timeframes for meeting the respective objectives and expectations as to profitability.

Building up a personalised investment portfolio draws upon the appropriate combination of the most suitable products present in the market. The Private Banking consultancy team continues to analyse and constantly accompany investment performance so as to ensure the maximum efficiency in managing your financial assets.

We also provide alternative investment solutions. In Private Banking, you may access a diversified range of structured products of varying types. From public and private debt bonds to other products designed to benefit from the growth in the various underlying assets – such as commodities or exchange rates – benefitting from an aggregate investment strategy, with various combinations and opportunities, designed exclusively for you and your different objectives.


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