Umoxi Card

Ideal for your daily expenditure, the card is accepted at millions of commercial establishments so that you may make your purchases as well as at hundreds of thousands of ATMs all around the world.

Taking into consideration that the Umoxi Card is a credit card, the transactions you make are debited from your respective credit account. Thus, your card enables you to complete the following credit transactions whether in Angola or abroad:

  • Payments for products and services in commercial establishments belonging to the Visa network
  • Cash advances from ATMs and bank branch members of the VISA network (in the currency of the respective country of use)



A card in your own image

The Umoxi Card is a distinctive credit card that displays the image you choose.


Accepted worldwide
  • Purchases from any of the millions of commercial establishments belonging to the VISA network
  • Withdrawals from any of 1.9 million ATMs in over 200 countries
  • Check your card balance (in countries with this function available)
  • Pay with confidence – Your card, with its VISA chip, incorporates deep reaching levels of security and protection, which ensure you may make your transactions with the greatest of convenience
Limitations on international usage

The maximum amount of expenditure permitted by the National Bank of Angola, per client and calendar year, stands at 25 million Kwanzas (approximately USD 250,000), including all card purchases, transfers and exports of currency. The maximum total for international expenditure remains valid from 1 January to the 31 December of each year

Card statements and payments

Monthly, on the closing date for the card statement, you can access the card account statement that details all of the movements made by the cards associated with the account for the respective statement period as well as the total outstanding balance and the deadline date for payment.


Each statement details, among other information: 

  • The total of expenditure made by the cards registered by Banco Económico for the period covered by the statement
  • Amount, date and location of each operation (indicating the currency and the original amount of the transactions)
  • Interest charges and any other costs

Given the current economic situation, which generates a situation of scarcity of foreign currency in Angola, the issuance of new credit cards is currently carried out restrictively.

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