Put a Banco Económico branch into your pocket 


Consult online your financial position, carry out transfers, request cheques and make term deposits without having to visit your local branch.

Banco Económico provides the very best Internet banking service for individual clients. EconomicoNet Particulares provides a broad range of services, in particular details on your financial position, domestic and international transfers, requests for cheques, subscribing to and making term deposits. You may also complete service payments and top-up mobile phone accounts.

Ease of usage

Available at any time and in any place


Online service that is easy and simple to use and available across various devices (PCs, tablets and smartphones)


Heightened security for carrying out transactions


Lower priced services

EconomicoNet ensures you can constantly check up on your account and make operations, including:


Checking your account

Financial assets and investments

  • Check up on your financial position
  • Summary of balances



  • Account balance
  • Account movements
  • Check your NBA / IBAN numbers
National Operations


  • Occasional transfers
  • Group transfers

Standing Orders

  • Ongoing standing orders
  • Check your standing orders


Scheduled Operations

  • Consult your scheduled operations
  • Check your standing orders


  • Consult your cheques
  • Consult your cheque book
  • Request a cheque book



  • Service payments
  • Special service payments ​
  • Telephone top-ups


Debit Authorisations

  • Consult your authorisations 
International operations


  • International operations
  • Batch transfer



  • Sale of foreign currency




Term Deposits

  • DP consultation
  • DP reinforcement
  • DP subscription





  • Loan Consultancy 


  • Balance
  • Transactions
  • Bank Card statement 


  • Account Manager
  • Account Limits
  • Transaction History Enquiry
  • Digital documents
  • Beneficiary management 



  • Password change
  • Card Cancellation
  • SMS token Cancellation



Membership contract

In order to sign up to EconomicoNet, simply fill out the membership contract for users or individual clients (download here). Provide your personal details, hand in your form to your account manager or commercial assistant and await contact from Banco Económico. On joining, your manager or other staff member will give you a membership card with a pin mailer and your password for accessing EconomicoNet


Your membership request is submitted to a contract validation process carried out by Banco Económico. Should the information contained prove correct, your user profile is activated within 48 hours.​


EconomicoNet holds a digital certificate that guarantees you every security in online access. For every financial transaction that you carry out on your EconomicoNet, the system shall request the introduction of three coordinates from your matrix card and, as from a particular amount, you shall receive an SMS code sent to the mobile phone number you have registered with EconomicoNet for an additional level of validation.




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